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Welcome! I hope that you find this Yoga resources site helpful to you if you are starting to learn all about Yoga.

I've included on this site a series of articles covering many different aspects of Yoga. There are some general articles on Yoga, such as About Yoga, Yoga Basics, Yoga History and Yoga Guide.

There are articles on the various Yoga disciplines, such as Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Dahn Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. You'll find an article explaining the different types of yoga here.

Then, there are a series of articles on Yoga positions, such as Yoga Beginner Positions, Yoga Moves, Yoga Poses and Yoga Postures.

And I've also included some articles on Yoga equipment. In truth, you can start with very little equipment, but as you progress, you will find some equipment and special clothing helpful. So there's articles on such topics as The Best Clothing, Yoga Apparel, Yoga Mats and Yoga Pants.

Yoga can be explored on many different levels, from using Yoga systems for exercise to rejuvenate mind and body through to the deeply mystic and spiritual experiences practised by those well versed in this ancient discipline.

It is not for me to say which will appeal to you. I don't know what you are looking for in your search for exercise and spiritual peace. I invite you to explore this site, and to take away from it what you need.

You may also find my eBook, "Yoga Basics Plus" to be very helpful. Read more about it here .

Also, on nearly all the pages, you will find at the end of the page, links to online news resources relevant to the topic and, in the "Yoga Links" section (see the top navigation bar), there are hundreds of links to different Yoga-related sites.

Articles Recently Added

  • Muscle Fitness - Can Yoga Make You Stronger?
    Many people wonder if yoga can improve their muscle fitness. They recognize that yoga can help reduce stress and increase flexibility, but when it comes to increasing muscle fitness, they think it might be a little too 'weak' to do the job. The fact is that yoga can definitely make you stronger. Read more..
  • Tantra Yoga For The New Generation
    Tantra yoga is more concentrated on the spiritual healing and most of all the integration f the body, mind, and spirit. In India, it is an ancient tradition that sexuality is an important and significant phase to be able to achieve a certain degree of enlightenment. Read more..
  • Staying Fit With Yoga Exercises
    Yoga exercises are the best way to free your mind and concentrate deeply. After you have experienced a stressful situation, your mind, body and spirit is stressed and fatigued.

Two More Resources I Recommend

Chantras of Tabtric YogaThe Chakras Of Tantric Yoga
This beautiful resource for the slightly more advanced yogi, is a superb animated presentation of the Chakras and their associated Bija Mantras. Don't be put of by Robert Brown's poor sales page; it doesn't do credit to this excellent resource!
Find out more here

Yoga Weight Loss SecretsYoga Weight Loss Secrets
One of the best resources of its kind I have seen. Provides a "doable" and powerful alternative to conventional weight loss programs. Helpful in combating all the causes of obesity and excess weight.
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